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YLX – YK001 433MHZ Wireless Copy Remote Control Silver

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YLX – YK001 Wireless Copy Remote Control Descriptions

1. Can copy the chip:
2260 (all vendors), 2262 (all vendors), PT2264, 5326 (all vendors), SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC918 series, 527 (all vendors), 1527 (all vendors), 2240 (all manufacturers), HCS101, HCS200 / HCS201 (partial code), HCS300 / HCS301 (partial code), some microcontrollers, etc.
2. Clearing method:
Press the “A” button and the “B” button at the same time, the LED indicator flashes three times, release any button that is pressed, the other one is not loose, click the button that is released three times, the LED indicator enters the fast flashing state. At this time, the data of the memory is completely cleared, and the remote controller after the data is cleared, no matter which button is pressed, the LED indicator is not lit.
3. Copy method:
 One hand holds the original remote control, the other holds the remote control, and the two remotes are as close as possible (ideally, the two remotes are placed on the desktop with the zero distance on the side), respectively, press the desired button The LED indicator flashes rapidly after three flashes, and the copy is successful. The other buttons operate in the same way.
Some remote controllers have a small transmitting power, and they should be back-to-back operated with the original remote control and the remote control.
Some operating environments have interference, and should avoid the interference operation. If the copying is not good, copy it again after clearing the code.
(It’s especially important: the remote control on your hand must work properly and be the same frequency as our remote control)
4. New copy remote control features:
Four buttons can be used to copy four different types of chips, that is, one remote can operate four different types of facilities. The frequency is from more than ten frequency points such as 270MHz – 434MHZ. Copying data is faster, it is not easy to lose code, and the distance is far.


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YLX – YK001 433MHZ Wireless Copy Remote Control Silver
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