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yeedi 2 hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner Visual Navigation Sweep Mop 3in1 APP Virtual wall 2500Pa 200mins Runtime Customize Cleaning Spain EU

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Main Features

Vacuum and Mop at The Same Timeyeedi is multi-tasker robot, designed to perform vacuum and mopping simultaniously for through cleaning. The 240ml electric reservoir is suitable for mopping homes up to 260 ㎡.
yeedi’s Most Powerfull Clean System EverWith dual elastic Edge Brushes, Adaptive Multi-surface Brush and up to 2500pa of suction power, effectively loosens, lifts and sucks dirt, debris, & pet hair from carpets, wood floors and tiles. With Suction power on Boost level.
2500Pa SuctionThree adjustable suction power
Standard- for daily cleaning.
Max-for intensive cleaning on carpets.
Max+-for intensive and quick cleaning for heavy duties.
Adaptive Multi-surface BrushFloating design to stay close to ground. Mutil-tasker brushroll with stiff nylon bristles to remove dirt in the carpet and soft rubber blades to capture dust from hard floors and crevices.
Dual Elastic Edge BrushElastic design to adapt to different surfaces. Sweep the dust from edges and gather the dust with less slippage.
Filtration of 99% of Dust and AllergensThe triple-filter system captures up to 99% of dust mites and allergens as small as 6 microns. Say goodbye to sneezing and itchy noses.
Automatic Water DispenserAutomatiacally turn on and off the water dispenser for safe and intelligent mopping.
Intelligent & Precise Water Flow Control With smart sensors, yeedi automatically turn on and off the water dispenser as needed for safe mopping. And you can even set different water flow levels for different messes.
Visibly Smart with Visual SLAM TechnologyPowered by Visual SLAM technology, yeedi robot learns your home layouts and builds, memorizes exslusive Home Map, enabling a expertly cleaning & efficient navigation.
All images that robots processes will be deleted immediately after capturing without being saved anywhere.
NEW Home MapWith your home layout being mapped out, you can now decide where & when and how to clean with Home Map.
Tips: Don’t want to wait the robot to finish its traning sessions? Unlock it to enjoy even after first run if you feel the Home Map is accurate already!
Area Clean Choose to clean the one or mutilple rooms. Once the robot creates a map, it divides the map into separate rooms. you can choose one or more rooms to clean by using the app.
Customize Cleaning Customize an area to be cleaned. You can draw out a particular area to be cleaned by creating rectangles on a map that the robotic vacuum cleaner creates of your home.
Virtual WallYou can tell yeedi to stay away from certain areas or objects with customizable Virtual Boundaries accessiable on the yeedi App.
Clean at Your Option with yeedi App The yeedi App gives you full control over cleaning your house. All you have to do is lift one finger. It also works with Amazon Alexa. Vacuuming has never been easier.
Comprehensive APP Functions Scheduled Clean
Cleanning Settings
Accessories Lifetime Supervision
Product Instroctions
Voice Notifications Setting
Locate the yeedi 2 hybrid
Voice ControlStart your cleanning without lifting a finger. Works with Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa.
OTAAn upgrated OTA allows the robot works smarter.
Tireless Endurance CleaningPowered by 5200mAh high-capacity battery, yeedi 2 hybrid runs for 200 mins per charge, and resumes intelligently right where it left off for recharging, always ensuring a complete clean.. Note:Tested in yeedi Lab on hard floors, running time may vary.
Quiet CleanThe sound coming from the vacuum is only 55dB, that’s quieter than your household microwave! You can enjoy your family time without getting disturbed by it.
No Dirty Hands Disposable moping pads allow you replace them after extra round of mopping, so you don’t have to wash the mopping pad.


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yeedi 2 hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner Visual Navigation Sweep Mop 3in1 APP Virtual wall 2500Pa 200mins Runtime Customize Cleaning Spain EU
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