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Universal 3D Active Shutter TV glasses (IR) Black

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3D glasses Descriptions

  UniversalLG/Sony/Samsung/Panasonic/Sharp/Toshiba/Mitsubishi/PhilipsTV 3D IR Active Glasses


Item specifics (此项为ebay listing specific选项)

Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging

Type: 3D IR Rechargeable Active Shutter Glasses

Dimension: 165 × 40 × 165 mm

Battery Type: 3.7v / 70mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Synchronous: IR

Frequency: 120 Hz

Compatibility:LG/Sony/Samsung /Panasonic/Sharp/Toshiba/Mitsubishi/Philips 3DTV

Color: Black

 Key Features:

1.       Delivers a true 3D experience – For watching your favorite movies in a new way.

2.       Supports IR signal for LG/Sony/Panasonic/Sharp/Toshiba/Mitsubishi/Philips/Samsung            3DTV.

3.    Power: Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery- Auto power off function, energy efficiency.

4.    Rechargeable, Micro-USB, more convenient

5.    User-friendly electronic circuit design, One single button, easy operation.

6.    Cool appearance, light design, 46g, comfortable to wear without dizziness.

7.    High-speed response of high-quality liquid crystal lenses, prevent from eye strain.

8.    Nose pads using silicone material, comfort and durability.

9.    The appearance of innovative treatment process, to eliminate electromagnetic interference.

10.  The frame using ABS   PC material, low energy, low carbon and environmental protection.

11.  High permeability rate of perfect quality, no flash smelting, no blur.

12.  With auto Power-off function, stability, energy-efficient.

13.  Low-power self-detected function, low battery LED flashes to prompt the user when battery is low.


3D Glasses type

Active shutter glasses



Display compatibility

3D TVs, 3D Blu-ray



Response time






Battery Type

3.7V/70mAh rechargeable lithium-ion

Contentiously working time

40 hours

Charge time

2 hours

Net Weight


Operating temperature

0 ℃ – 40 ℃

Relative Humidity

20% – 80%

Atmospheric pressure

86 kPa – 106 kPa



 Compatible TV Model:

1.We just choose certain typical compatible models listed in the below table to show the glasses fit for the series. If you don't find your model. Feel free to contact us to check the compatile model for you.
The below list are all have been tested.

TC-P50GT30 KDL-46NX710  PS64D8000FJ LCD-52LV925A
TC-P42GT25 KDL-55NX810  PS43D490A1 LCD-60LV925A
TC-P50ST30 KDL-60NX810  PS43D490A1 LCD-52X50A
TH-P42GT20C KDL-40NX720  UA40D6000 LCD-60X50A
TH-P46GT20C KDL-46NX720  UA46D6000 LCD-46LX830A
TH-P50VT20C KDL-55NX720  UA55D6000 LCD-52LX830A
TH-P65VT20C KDL-60NX720  UA55D6400 L46X930A
TH-P65VT20C KDL-40EX720  UA46D7000 L52X930A
TH-P50ST30C KDL-46EX720  UA55D7000 LC-52LE925U
TH-P55ST30C KDL-55EX720  UA55D8000 LC-60LE925U
TH-P50GT30C KDL-60EX720  UA55D6000 LC-52LE925UN
TH-P46GT31C KDL-46HX800 Plasma PNC8000 series: LC-40LE835U
TH-P65VT20C KDL-55HX800 PN63C8000 (63″) L46P7200-3D
TH-P50ST30C KDL-46HX820 PN58C8000 (58″) L55X11FE3D
TH-P55ST30C KDL-55HX820 PN50C8000 (50″) TOSHIBA
TH-P50GT30C KDL-40HX720 Plasma PNC7000 series: ZG1 Series
TH-P46GT31C KDL-65HX720 PN63C7000 (63″) F1 Series
TH-P42UT30C KDL-46HX920 PN58C7000 (58″) WE2 Series
TH-P46UT30C KDL-55HX920 PN50C7000 (50″) X2 Series
TH-P55UT30C KDL-65HX920 Plasma PNC680 series: ZF1C Series
TH-P55GT32C KDL-55HX729 PN50C680 (50″) MITSUBISHI 
TH-P65VT30C KDL-55HX800 Plasma PNC490 series:  MDR series
TH-P55VT31C KDL-52LX900 PN50C490 (50″)
TH-P55VT50 KDL-60LX900 Plasma PNC490 series:
VT50 series KLV-60NX810 PN50C490 (50″)
GT50 series LG PHILIPS
WT50 series 42LX6500-CA 46PFL9605D/93
DT50 series 47LX6500-CA 46PFL6655D/93
ET50 series 55LX6500-CA 58PFL9605
XT50 series 72LEX9-CA 46PFL9955
ST50 series 55LX9500 46PFL6655


NOT Compatible with:

TOSHIBA LG PHILIPS Panasonic Samsung Sharp
 TL963 50ph660v  32PFL5507K  TX-L55GT50 UE48H6200 LC60LE751E
46TL966 50ph670gv  40 pfl5537t  TX-55AX630B PS43D490a1wxzg LC-LE-E Series
46TL868 LG 50PZ250T  46PFL4468H/12 TX-AX series UE48H6240ak  
46TL838  50PM470S   TX-L-GT Series    
46TL968  PH-V Series   TX-AS series    
TL Series          

Package Content:
1X 3D Active TV Glasses.
1X USB Cables
1X Storage Bag
1X Cloth
1X User's Manual

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Universal 3D Active Shutter TV glasses (IR) Black
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