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SMARTMI Wireless Rechargeable Standing Floor Fan 2 / 2S Portable Fans Air Conditioner Natural Wind APP Control Smartmi Fan 2

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Main Features

Main Features
* Simulates Comfortable Natural Wind
* Quiet Operation less than 31.5dB
* Lightweight and Portable
* 100 Stepless Speeds
* Smart APP Controls
* 2800mAh Lithium-ion Battery, up to 20 hours of refreshing breezes
no power cord required, blowing natural wind
Power cord can be used, no power cord required, Simulating natural wind, intelligent control, DC frequency conversion.
Precise algorithmic program
Restore the true natural wind
We collected a rich sample of natural wind, analysis of airflow characteristics such as wind speed and turbulence,
using a precise algorithm program to restore the natural wind frequency distribution curve,
so that the airflow changes more abundant, the feeling of blowing is more comfortable and soft.
Bring a wind that can move
Can be used for 20 hours without using the power cord
The fan 2S has a built-in 33.6Wh lithium-ion battery pack. When fully charged,
you can use it for 20 hours without plugging in the power cord.
You can bring it to where you need it.
1. When the battery is fully charged, the first wind speed is set and the head is not oscillated,
the fan can be used for about 20 hours.
2. Do not use in places where there is water or too much humidity.
Do not place the base of the fan on a high temperature object to avoid damage to the battery due to water ingress and excessive temperature.
DC variable frequency brushless motor
Smartmi Fan 2S adopts the best DC variable frequency brushless motor,
with precise algorithm program to ensure that the curve of the blown wind is smoother, more like natural wind,
and also has the functions of energy saving and mute.
Design of 7 feather-like fan leaves
Large amount of wind, comfortable temperature reduction
The design of the seven fan leaves is better than the previous five fan leaves and three fan leaves to cut the wind more,
reducing the impact of large air on the face and feeling more comfortable.
The curvature of the fan leaves is improved, achieving low consumption and powerful wind energy.Tookfun
Smart connection Mijia APP
Support AI voice control
Timing shutdown can be achieved through mijia APP, and the angle of the moving head can be adjusted.
The child lock can be turned on, and the natural wind and always blowing the wind can be switched.
The voice control can be performed on the Xiaomi AI speaker and the Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker mini,
and the fan can be turned on without getting up.
Swing head has four angles
100 speeds can be adjusted
Available in 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120° angles, you can choose to reduce the angle of the air according to the hot conditions,
or expand the angle of the circulating air,
APP can adjust the 100-speed wind speed to find a more comfortable way to blow.
Note: The swing head range and 100 speed adjustment can only be achieved by connecting mijia APP.
The Low mode can hardly hear the sound, comfortable, quiet.
Note: The noise of 28.6dB(A) refers to the noise of the Smartmi Standing Fan 2/2S in the low mode.
The data is from the test report issued by China Household Appliances Inspection, No. WS1-19-008.
Attention to detail
The cabin is fully enclosed, Prevents dust from entering and better isolates noise
Aluminum alloy pillar, Aluminized surface of aluminum alloy, more corrosion resistant
ABS material, Better materials, anti-aging is not to turn yellow.
Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet does not rust easily, and the wire is used for a longer period of time.
More suitable height
Sitting and lying are suitable
Small and practical, 96 cm in height, sitting on the sofa watching TV or resting in bed,both you can blow the wind.
As simple as assembling the building blocks
Can be cleaned at any time
The surface of the fan blade and the gap of the fan cover are all easy to get dust.
We simplified the original complicated structure design,
making the disassembly and assembly of the whole machine as simple as assembling the building blocks,
and it is more convenient to clean.Tookfun
Durable and energy efficient
Can open for a long time
The brushless DC motor has no wear of the carbon brush,
which greatly reduces the internal kinetic energy consumption during the rotation,
so it is more durable than the previous fan, and the use time is longer, and the energy saving is more energy-saving.


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SMARTMI Wireless Rechargeable Standing Floor Fan 2 / 2S Portable Fans Air Conditioner Natural Wind APP Control Smartmi Fan 2
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