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Scientific Physics Handmade Stirling Engine Model Silver

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Safety Start Step
• Place the engine model in a horizontal position.
• Gently turn the flywheel by hand to check if the flywheel is running smoothly. If there is a strong sensation of squeaking, check if the connecting rod is connected properly. Is there oil on the inner cylinder of the piston and copper sleeve in the cold cylinder? If there is oil, dry it. Wipe the surface of the piston and the spindle gently with a cloth or toilet paper, and make sure that there are no oil or foreign objects to ensure that the flywheel runs smoothly.
• Check whether the angle between the two curved axes on the flywheel is 90 degrees ( the one curved axis is at the bottom and the other curved axis is at the left or the far right ). If not, please adjust it.
• Move the alcohol lamp to the hole of the alcohol lamp holder and light the alcohol lamp before the safety is confirmed.
• After heating for 60 seconds, start to use the hand to lightly move the flywheel until the flywheel can be automatically operated.
• During the whole process of heating, the hand must not touch the main cylinder ( high-temperature danger! ).

Safety End Step
• After the end of use, please let the engine model cool naturally.
• If you want to finish the process, turn off the alcohol lamp, and make sure that it is completely extinguished, let the engine model cool naturally, and stop the operation automatically during the cooling process.
• After the engine model is naturally cooled, please store the engine in a place that the child can’t get.
• The child should use the engine model under the care of an adult to prevent burns or break the glass from being broken.

• Without alcohol
• When adding alcohol to the alcohol lamp, be sure to operate the alcohol lamp in the extinguished state.
• If the alcohol is spilled onto the model bottom plate or the table top, please wait until the alcohol is completely swayed or dry, then light the alcohol lamp.
• The wick of the alcohol lamp does not touch the test tube. When the lamp core burns, it will produce water vapor. If it touches the test tube, the test tube will be broken.
• The engine model has a higher speed ratio. When it is running, it will produce vibration. Prevent it rolling off the table.
• Take special care when heating to prevent burns.



Materials: Metal
Theme: Science
Gender: Unisex
Completeness: Finished Goods
Stem From: China

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.2650 kg
Package weight: 0.3200 kg

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Engine Model, 1 x Alcohol Lamp ( without Alcohol ), 1 x Cover
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Scientific Physics Handmade Stirling Engine Model Silver
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