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Robot Vacuum Cleaner VALUBOT K100 Cleaning vacuuming and Mop Floors 3in1 Cleaning Pet Hair APP and Remote Control K100 France EU

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VALUBOT K100 Professional vacuum cleaner to clean particles, debris, pet hair

This is a great tool: it will help us remove ubiquitous pet hair and stubborn dust. Application control, vacuuming and mopping are synchronized, no need to replace the water tank and dust bucket.

\xef\xbc\x9e Remote cleaning app, smart and simple preset + timer.
\xef\xbc\x9e Powerful multi-stage 1800 Pa suction setting to remove stubborn dust.
\xef\xbc\x9e Pressurized mop for better removal of dust and liquid stains from the floor.
\xef\xbc\x9e Easily overcome 15mm obstacles, thresholds, pull-out shelves and thick carpets.
\xef\xbc\x9e Three-year warranty, lifetime technical support.

Real reviews from other customers

15 main selling points Each function is very practical

1800pa suction / 3-in-1 vacuum mop / Pressurized wet mop / remote control / Multiple cleaning modes / 55 dB / App remote control / smart weback control / 500ml large dust box / 8.1cm ultra-thin body / ota online upgrade / 2600mAh / Auto recharge / Infrared collision deceleration / Voice prompts

3 in 1 can be used to vacuum, sweep and mop at the same time

The robot defaults to vacuuming + sweeping. After installing the water tank, you can vacuum + sweep the floor + mop the floor. You don't need to remove the dust box, you can install the water tank directly.

Hurricane suction

1800 Pa strong suction to remove stubborn dust, multi-level adjustment, help you sweep away pet hair everywhere and easily remove ordinary household garbage

Automatic pressurized wet mop

Built-in pressurization device for closer contact between rag and floor and better cleaning of floor dust and liquid stains

APP Smart control

Whether at home or at work, you can use your mobile phone to control the machine to clean at any time

Develop a cleaning plan

Cleaning according to the preset cleaning schedule for each day of the week

When the set cleaning time is reached, the robot will start cleaning in time

120 minutes of battery life Easily get a large apartment

2600mAh large capacity lithium battery, 150 square meters of space can be obtained on a single charge
Clean area number 150 square meters
Battery working time 120 minutes

Alexa, start cleaning / Google Home, start cleaning

Humanized additional functions

1 \xe3\x80\x81 When the machine is working in a place with steps, the infrared rays at the bottom will detect the cliff and then rotate to avoid this area.

2 \xe3\x80\x81 When the machine encounters an obstacle in front, it decelerates and taps slightly, then turns to sweep the surrounding area.

3 \xe3\x80\x81 The height of the machine is 8.1 cm, which is convenient for cleaning in tight spaces.

4 \xe3\x80\x81 Strong power, easy to overcome obstacles, such as carpets, etc.


Our warranty is 3 years. If any problem happens to the robot, you can contact us and send us a video to show the situation, then we will send you free spare parts for replacement.
If it is out of warranty, we will still support you.


Please leave 5-star positive feedback, your satisfaction is our motivation to keep going. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, give us a chance to solve them, we will serve you as long as you are satisfied.

Before ordering please read:

1 \xe3\x80\x81 Due to customs clearance issues, we are currently unable to ship to the islands, please do not place an order. However, if you have friends in other cities, you can ask them to help you buy the goods, and then contact the local logistics for transshipment.

2 \xe3\x80\x81 You must complete the first and last name of at least two words. A full first and last name is required.

3 \xe3\x80\x81 You need to fill in the corresponding postal code and city names before ordering. The zip code must match the name of the city.

4 \xe3\x80\x81 Like all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner cannot work on a black floor. If your carpet has a large area of black, by default it will become an obstacle and avoid the area because it thinks it is a “cliff”. (((If there are no stairs in the house, you can use black / white / red-brown tape to stick the lower photoreceptor, it will work normally on the black carpet.

5 \xe3\x80\x81 Do not add liquids other than clean water to the tank.

6 \xe3\x80\x81 The robot adopts anti-collision double design, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, so they will absorb infrared rays, making you unrecognizable, depending on the frontal impact sensor.

7 \xe3\x80\x81 European plug adapter (2-pin round pin). Most of the countries in Europe, most of the countries in Africa, most of the countries in the Middle East, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc. Philippines, Thailand, etc.

8 \xe3\x80\x81 For any problem, do not hesitate to come to us, we are always here.


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Robot Vacuum Cleaner VALUBOT K100 Cleaning vacuuming and Mop Floors 3in1 Cleaning Pet Hair APP and Remote Control K100 France EU
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