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Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Automatic Smart Appliance for Sweeping and Mopping Carpets Hard Floors White Spain

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Main Features

Gift your home a hassle-free cleaning system with the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner. It is one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2020 and comes equipped with industry-leading precision peristaltic pump. Limited stocks are available; so hurry up and get best robot vacuum cleaner today to enjoy convenient and fun cleaning any time you want.
The high precision laser navigation system creates a real-time map of the floor and then develops a path automatically for the smart vacuum cleaner. This adaptive route planning system scans your room at more than 300 RPM and locates all the obstacles in its route, reducing the cleaning time by up to 15%.
Using the official Roborock app, you can restrict the area where the robot vacuum cleaner can clean, or even instruct the robot to scrub certain spots thoroughly.
A useful gadget should be easy to maintain, and the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner delivers on it as well. With washable air filter and mop pad, you can increase the longevity of this appliance without any trouble. Buy now.
Intuitive Roborock App
The companion app allows superior remote gadget management that is a must-have feature for robot vacuum cleaners. If you are a busy office employee and do not have the time to clean your home manually, you can set up the cleaning routine on the S5 with a few taps of your fingers. Hence, keep your carpets and floors squeaky clean with this robust vacuum cleaner!
Long Battery Life
The cleaner can take care of the dusty floors without disturbing your family. Its massive 5200 mAh battery keeps the robot vacuum cleaner running for up to 190 minutes in quiet mode. Additionally, the gadget returns to the docking station automatically when the power runs out and recharges to full capacity instead of charging up to only 80% before resuming cleaning.
Effortless Carpet Cleaning
It automatically switches to max mode with up to two times powerful suction when the gadget climbs over a carpet. This high climbing ability combines seamlessly with the max mode to make it one of the best robot vacuums for carpet cleaning. You thus get the convenience of efficient cleaning and the support of a smart gadget as well.
Uniform Suction Pressure
The mop pad is pushed by a spring-loaded platform that maintains enough pressure throughout the cleaning session. This means that you get the same cleaning experience even at the end of the routine, so that no corner remains dirty. Installing the mop bracket is also more comfortable than ever. You can reinstall the mop pads without removing the water tank.
Your personal robotic home cleaning service!
· Ultra-large water tank: The Roborock S5 robot vacuum and mop has a 290 ml water tank, which is one of the best-in-class capacities for a vacuum cleaner. It holds enough water to mop up to 200 sq. m of space in one shot.
· Smart top-up water tank: It comes with the latest generation of the ultra-precise peristaltic pump. Since the vacuum has an automatic water shut-off feature that activates instantaneously when docked, this robot vacuum cleaner can be filled with water accordingly for the next cleaning session.
· Customized room water volume and suction: With its precise water management feature, you can easily select the type of room and floor to be cleaned. Based on this input, you can further choose the appropriate amount of water and suction pressure for thorough cleaning.
· Excellent scheduling facility: The S5 robot vacuum cleaner’s advanced scheduling feature allows you to set various factors for automatic cleaning. You can use the dedicated app to set different timings, water level and suction power, and coordinate a scheduled time with respective rooms or floors.
· High climbing ability: This smart vacuum cleaner can easily climb over high edges, such as carpet linings. It can climb up to 2 cm (0.8 in) tall, and then automatically switch to max mode to clean the carpet efficiently.


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Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Automatic Smart Appliance for Sweeping and Mopping Carpets Hard Floors White Spain
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