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IRIN N – 200 Ebony Panel Box Drum Black Eel

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A drum string or guitar string is installed in the drum to create a resonance that produces a sound similar to a drum kit.
The drum has five faces and the sounds are different. There is a circular hole for sounding on the back of the drum.
While playing, the player sits on the instrument, leaning forward slightly and lifting at an angle.
You can tap the drumhead with your palm or use your finger to drum, and some people put on the pedal and use the foot to control the tap.
The string box drum, high and low, clear and concentrated, simple and violent, simple sound, quick response, slap can make a very delicate sound, the bottom of the drum has a screw hole with a wrench to twist the screw hole clockwise is tight, counterclockwise is loose, can not Too tight and not too loose, you can adjust it to fit
Material: wood



Brand: IRIN

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 3.9400 kg
Package weight: 6.0200 kg

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Box Drum, 1 x Drum Bag, 2 x Sand Egg ( Random Color ), 2 x Wrist Bell ( Random Color ), 1 x Foot Bell ( Random Color ), 1 x Finger Sandhammer
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IRIN N – 200 Ebony Panel Box Drum Black Eel
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