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Deerma Hum Fem-f630 5L Tactile Temperature Intelligent Constant Humidity Digital LED Screen Eu

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Main Features

F630 humidifier is a part of humidity detection, humidity display, constant humidity and humidity regulation. It’s real-time, let you know“
– improved air flow detection, instantaneous capture, temperature and air reading humidity
Night vision mirror, LED screen, black night vision mirror, no night fear
Personal comfort mode custom continuous manual / automatic humidity
Equipped with an ABS antibacterial water tank, ion silver water purification tank and activated carbon filter for water purification, water pollution prevention and fresh water mist transportation.
– silver ion, clean water tank, deep purification of water, do not lose every drop of water to ensure clean water.
Buy ABS antibacterial water tank, clean water storage is not afraid to forget to change water
Activated carbon absorbs foreign substances to prevent internal pollution and fresh fog
It provides a single click hover mode where the lights on the screen are automatically turned off, quiet and undisturbed
5L capacity, withstand 15 hours of long-term low temperature, continue to keep water, bid farewell to frequent irrigation
– use a 12 hour timer to personalize shrinkage and reasonable shrinkage time, and automatically extinguish when food goes out.
Adjust the amount of fog by touching the light as needed. The first fog is suitable for the humidity in spring, the second fog is suitable for the humidity of air-conditioned rooms in summer, and the third fog is suitable for the humidity in the dry season of autumn and winter.
You hide beautiful water with one hand

Rated power: 25W
Operating voltage: 220 V ~ 50 Hz
Size: 208 * 208 * 315 mm
Capacity: 5L
Product material: ABS
Function: humidity caused by ultrasonic spray
Safety protection: protection against water shortage and energy failure
DB working: & le; 36dB
Fog volume: 340 ml / h
Applicable area: 25-30 square meters
Water collection method: tap water
Total weight: 1.66kg
Applicable possibility: family
Type: cleaning type, humidity with constant humidity, odor type

Make sure the tank is full of water before using it
Don’t touch anything with your wet hands
Place the humidifier on a flat floor or other flat platform
When adding water vertically, it is recommended to stop adding water from 1cm; when adding water on the side, it is recommended to install 85% water and stop adding water.
Packing list:Humidifier, manual, credit card
Moisture Humidifier Zhiding f630


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Deerma Hum Fem-f630 5L Tactile Temperature Intelligent Constant Humidity Digital LED Screen Eu
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